Motorcycle Personal Injury and Motorcycle Accident help from an experienced biker.

Joseph Di Monda is no johnny-come-lately to the bike scene. Heís been riding for almost 50 years, having started on a Honda 305 Hawk. He has ridden almost every brand and type of motorcycle, from Harleys to Hondas and superbikes to dirt bikes. Heís taken multiple cross-country trips, cruised up and down the Coast and across Canada, as well as raced motorcross.

We are motorcycle accident lawyers because we know first-hand what can happen.

Joe is familiar with the motorcycle experience and understands what itís like to pass a swaying trailer truck in the rain, or braking for a driver turning left directly in front of him. Cars running stop signs or red lights are an all too familiar experience to motorcyclists and Joe has experienced that as well. Most lawyers just donít understand just how invisible a motorcycle can be to inattentive drivers, or worse, how some drivers go out of their way to run a biker off the road.

You wonít need to spend a lot of time explaining the facts of your case to Joe. He knows exactly how a bike handles under extreme braking and turning situations. He understands the split second decisions that a biker has to make when confronted with a potential motorcylce accident situation. From a car turning right on a red light into you, or changing lanes and running a biker off the road.

Joeís had to dodge the very conditions which caused you to come to him in the first place. The vehicle driver that injured you and caused the accident wonít find any sympathy from Joe. Heís a zealous advocate for bikerís rights and is not intimidated by insurance companies or their high-priced lawyers. Call Joe when you have a motorcylcle injury to fight for the money you need for your medical bills and bike replacement.


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Joseph Di Monda on a friend's Harley Davidson

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