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It happens in an instant. You’re driving peacefully along and another car runs a red light. Or fails to stop at a stop sign. And drives right into you. You’re injured, your passengers are injured and your car is badly damaged.

Everyday people swerve from one lane to another because they’re distracted by their phones, texting, or music. They make turns into oncoming traffic and collide with other cars.

Get an experienced Los Angeles accident law firm to fight for fair compensation.

Trucks switch lanes and run cars off the road. Distracted drivers rear-end cars in stop and go traffic. Repairs are expensive and medical costs are high. Don’t go it alone when an insurance company calls. They are not your friend. They are trying to get you to settle cheaply. You need expert personal injury lawyers on your side.

Whether you need a lawyer for a car accident or any other kind of personal injury, call us and let us put our decades of experience and passion for fair compensation to work for you.


Insurance Litigation

    Chris Angelo is no stranger to the insurance industry. They are aware of the many multimillion dollar judgements and settlements he has gotten against them. When Chris Angelo represents you, the insurance companies notice. You can be assured that having Chris Angelo on your side will result in the insurance companies taking your case very seriously. Chris is a tenacious fighter on behalf of consumers and will bring his energy to bear on your behalf against the insurance companies.

    If an insurer has denied your claim, call Angelo & Di Monda and let them fight for you.

Chris Angelo and Joe Di Monda

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