How our Consumer Rights experience works: Construction Disputes to Elder Abuse.

You finally bought a home and discover that water is coming through the windows, decks and roof! It’s a nightmare! The floor slab is cracking or the wood floors are buckling… the contractor is ignoring you …. Now what?

You need a lawyer, but not just any lawyer, you need a lawyer with design and construction experience. A lawyer who is an Attorney and Architect. At Angelo & Di Monda, that Attorney/Architect is Joseph Di Monda. When you work with Joe. you’ll have over 35 years of experience designing and overseeing construction of residential and commercial buildings around the world.

We are construction defects lawyers ... and more ... ready to defend your rights.

Other attorneys need to educate themselves about construction and spend your money hiring experts. You’ll quickly see that Joe is able to focus in on the problem with laser-like accuracy and is not put off by construction industry lingo that can confuse and misdirect the average attorney.

From construction disputes to elder abuse and other instances where you need a lawyer for consumer's rights, call Angelo and Di Monda. Let us put our passion and expertise behind getting a solution that is fair for you.


Elder Abuse

    You believe your parents or grandparents are safe in a nursing home, residential care facility or assisted living facility.

    Unexpectedly, you receive a phone call about your loved one's condition. You discover that their needs have not been met and they’ve been ignored.

    Instead of providing a safe environment, the facilities’ staff is poorly trained or your loved ones have been given inadequate medical care. Worse yet, you discover that they have been physically abused in some manner.

    Call Angelo & Di Monda and let us fight for you.

Chris Angelo and Joe Di Monda

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