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$12.5 Million – Insurance Dispute

Have you been seriously injured?

Has someone close had a bad accident?

Has a parent or elder been mistreated
under someone else’s care?

You’re filled
with questions and need
a lawyer.
Call on us for answers.

Do you wonder if an insurance company
will do what’s right for them or for you?

What happens next?

Welcome from Chris Angelo and Joe Di Monda.

We know you have a difficult choice ahead. There are many great injury lawyers to choose from. And that’s why you’re here, right? You’re trying to decide on one, because you need help. Something happened and it was major. And now you need someone who will listen, believe in you and fight for you aggressively. We think you should call us first, because that’s exactly what we do. We listen. We believe. We fight hard for our clients. Does it pay off? Over 50 years of combined experience says yes. Or you pay nothing.

Every case we take, whether it could lead to a multi-million dollar result or thousands, gets our passionate attention to details and winning on your behalf.

Consumer Law Established

  • Hermosa Beach Stop Oil Coalition v. City of Hermosa Beach
    (2001) 86 Cal.App.4th 534.
  • Broughton v. CIGNA Healthplans, Inc.
    (1999) 21 Cal.4th 1066
  • Mora v. Baker Commodities
    (1989) 210 Cal.App.3d 771
  • Lipton v. Superior Court
    (1996) 48 Cal.App.4th 1599
  • Thompson v. Mercury
    Insurance Co.

    (2001) 84 Cal.App.4th 90
  • Street v. Superior Court
    (1996) 224 Cal.App.3d 1397
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